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President Obama reminds us, every time he speaks, that he can't move this country forward by himself, but together we can. This is what inspired the my most recent photomosaic "Forward Together, Faces from 2012 Obama Rallies." It is compiled of over 6,000 faces from Obama rallies over the last year. Each face, like the main image of the president, is facing forward to signify our collective desire to continue moving forward with change.

18" x 24" Poster - $20.00

Mosaic Poster of President-elect Barack Obama "Dare to Hope" from the 2008 election


Each poster is $20.00 or you can get the set of posters for $30.00

This image ran as a two page spread in Time Magazine's - Person of the Year: Barack Obama - 12/17/2008

This full-color poster is suitable for framing and features close to 6,000 images of the people at Obama rallies in 2008. Among the faces in the poster are Michelle Obama, Al Gore and Obama himself. See if you can find them!

This poster was created as a reminder of this historic election and this historic president and how, in his own words, "Few obstacles can withstand the power of a million voices calling for change."

Click HERE to download an image for your computer screen.

Everytime I photographed a Barack Obama rally the size and diversity of the crowds moved and amazed me. I spoke to so many people who all spoke of unity and inclusion. Barack Obama said at his acceptance speech, "This election has never been about me. It's been about you." His message has inspired so many to be involved and to dare to hope.

These are their faces. This is their voice.

-Anne C. Savage

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"This is so so awesome!!! Thank you, Anne, for capturing the moment of a 'united us' for change and for sharing this beautiful piece of work! Awesome job, Anne! Thank you again!"
-Monique Rosales from Rhode Island

"Awesome! This will be the first Obama poster of any sort I've paid for. It really hits the mark. I suggest sending one to President Elect Obama himself. It would be a great reminder for him as he governs."
-Chuck Lasker from Indiana

"I printed out the info sent online with the basic photo from work where I have internet access, took it home and showed my 31 yr old Obama daughter (she shares a house with me) and she was overwhelmed, moved, teared up...and before she could read your explanation (she cried again as I read the artists explanation) daughter said..."Oh my is representing "Out of many we are One"....both of us cant wait to see it.  Thank you to Anne for representing the heart and guts and soul of us all with this wonderful poster. Mahalo and Aloha a hui hoa!"
-Barbara Arrowsmith from Oregon